Monday, June 01, 2009

There’s only so much TV a person can watch …

Just one of the many things I learned during the last 7 days. And as I was about to continue complaining about the very unrealistic view people have of bed rest, Jay ran over, pulled my hands away from the keyboard, lifted my shirt, kissed my belly, and said “I love our baby”. Well, that puts things into perspective. Thanks, God.

It seems the cerclage was successful; as of today, my cervix is still long and closed and the stitches took well. However, we have a lot of pain, and ran into a bit of a completely different problem called placenta previa and a trip to the hospital, which you can read about on our baby page, if you’d like.

We met with our OB today {side note, but is it incredibly sad the nurse and I call one another so much that we no longer need to announce ourselves by name?}. After taking a look, Dr. T was not overly concerned about the situation; however I am on bed rest “indefinitely” – until my placenta moves up, which we’re all hoping actually happens, there’s no guarantee.

For all intents and purposes, I officially stink at bed rest. I want to make blueberry muffins and go for a walk. I want to go out back and play with Jay. I’ve had myself a few good depressing cries, but given today’s diagnosis, I’ve really been thinking about what we need to do to get through this. I have to do this; I want to do this for our baby, so how do we do it and stay sane? Especially my poor hubs who now has to do EVERYTHING and take care of me and Jay?

I need lists and schedules and so forth, so we’re thinking of making a daily schedule. I am trying to think about all of the bible studies I’ve wanted to do and haven’t been able to – now’s the time. Rebekah wants me to write a book. Andrew wants me to scrapbook {in fact he bought me a lap scrapbook thingy – so cute!}. I found all of these books online – this one and this one and this one, and this one for Jay.

In the end, it’s not how I planned on spending my summer, but I didn’t plan on this baby either and I think God delights in blowing us away with His precious treasures. I think if we allow it this can be a great time of learning, renewing, refining. We’ll take on the trials if they can make us more like Jesus. We’ll gratefully be awed at each day this little one moves inside of me {which we can feel, by the way – not kicks, just fluttering} and come together to do whatever it takes to make sure he {uh, or she} is safe.

Have I thanked you for praying? {I got a very perfect text from a friend before my appt today, and I am pretty sure she doesn't even know what's been going on. It was amazing!}

For your viewing pleasure, here’s some of the week:
Jay brushing mamma’s hair {not so gently!}:

And a BBQ at my little brother’s new house:

And an artichoke that’s bloomed in his back yard:

And baby bean, just in case you haven’t seen the cuteness yet:

p/s - How do you make a 3 year old clean up his room while he's sitting in there making farting noses and giggling and you're stuck on the couch? Think they have a book for that?


  1. Your little brother is old enough to have a house? How did that happen?

    Please e-mail if you need any bed rest resources. I've done the bedrest thing before (I've had 3 pre-term infants), and I know of some good ones. And if you need someone to chat baby with, I'm totally open! *hugs*

  2. I was only on "bedrest" for about 2 weeks after we had a bad delivery with our miracle baby. It was the longest two weeks of my entire life so I totally stand behind you fully in thinking this is a hard thing to do! It will be worth it ... but right now, it's HARD!

  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Sorry to hear you have to stay in bed. Your crafty, think of somthing to make to sell on ebay :) Just kidding :) I will pray that it doesn't drive you bananas, your right though, T.V. stinks these days. Do you have netflix? I'm glad to hear baby is okay after all the hoopla, I was racking my brain trying to figure out who your happy juice Dr. might have been (worked at Memorial for 10 years before having Jesse) My guess would be Dr. Branch (Christopher) he was awesome! You are lucky to have such an amazing hubby to take care of everything. Take care, and hopefully time will fly by and you can get up sooner then expected. Keeping you and Baby "E" in prayer. So, do you know what your having yet? Melisa

  4. Traci - sorry about this new situation you have to deal with and bedrest. I, too, had a cerclage and placenta previa with both of my pregnancies after my loss and I didn't have any trouble. Both times they resolved on their own, usually within a few weeks as the baby grew and the placenta moved up. I did not have to deal with bedrest, but I'm glad they are being extra careful with you!!!

    I can only imagine how much of a pain it is! With my last pregnancy, I kind of self-imposed myself on modified bed rest and I got really bored.

    I will send prayers for your placenta, your sweetpea and your sanity! (Hugs)

  5. Hang in there....I know bed rest is NOT fun - ESPEICALLY when it's MANDATORY and you have OTHER kids!! It's one thing wanting to lay around for a while, but when you HAVE to do it, it's not fun. Praying for you and the little one!