Monday, July 13, 2009


Today we officially stood before a judge and while our little man has been one of us for over a year ... today J became a completely legal member of our family! We legally changed his name. God changed many people's names in the Bible at pivotal points in their life and Jesus did the same when he chose his disciples. Once they were associated with Christ their names changed.

We choose Josiah.

Hebrew: God has healed.

We pray God gives us the wisdom to train this little soul in His sight. And that one day he’ll understand his namesake: Josiah was a young king who served the Lord whole heartedly. A boy whose generational past was daunted, yet he rose above and chose to seek to be a man after God’s own heart, like his great (x12) grandfather David. We hope he learns to open doors for girls like his daddy, and share his favorite possessions with anyone around like his big brother. We know he’ll be a sports star, and maybe a rock star – if you could only see the dancing that goes on in our living room on Saturday mornings! We pray he is able to be strong and kind at the same time, and always is willing to give himself to the least of these. We pray he does not need to give into his peers for his esteem and that he knows unconditional love. We pray his life is filled with laughter, and that we can trust the Lord to shield him from things like rage and the ugliness of the world. More then anything we pray for strength for us as we face the challenge of shaping him, and urging him to sit in quiet faith, act in strong belief, and be courageous enough to grow intimately with our God as King Josiah did.

The courthouse.
Talking to the judge.
Us with the judge.
Our amazing social workers. These two did so much for us!
Doing noses with my brother.
Mommy and Josiah.
More friends!
J happy on adoption day!!
Mommy, J and Ella.
Celebrating with pizza, as requested by the man.
Yummy cake from Ry & Kel.


  1. What a beautiful day for your family. Congratulations!!!

  2. What a special day! So happy for you all! Josiah is so adorable!!!

  3. What a great day and a great name!

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Wow, so happy for you guys! What an amazing journey. Melisa

  5. this is all so beautiful and HAPPY!!