Saturday, July 11, 2009

The happenings of summer, bedrest style

Occasionally I get bummed that its summer and I am sitting here, like an ever growing couch potato. Our summers are typically filled with lots-o-free activates {our city provides a great line up … form pirate day on the pier to movies on the beach}. Then I look at this frame and decide that whatever it takes, I’ll do – so throw off the pity party woman!
Jay and I have been spending the days outside {and I might be getting a tan, and bug bites!}. No worries, I move from the adirondack chair in the front to watch bike and scooter rides and chalk drawings, to the patio furniture in the backyard to watch swimming and basketball. Here’s Jay today, eating an ice cream sandwich. I played more Candyland than I care to admit today.
I am crocheting … a peek at my newest project. It’s a blanket for Jay. It’s uhmmm … a little crooked, but I am chugging away never-the-less. I have a long way to go!

We’re also trying to throw together an adoption party in a manner of a few weeks. So exciting and fun!

I am 21 weeks now, and have been eating a lot of bagel/ tomato/ bacon/ cheese/ ranch sandwich’s and strawberry sorbet with chocolate magic shell on top. And I have been looking at things like this, since Ella’s first holiday will be Thanksgiving.
And look at what we bought! After 2 boys, buying girls clothing is nothing short of thrilling.
Jason and I are doing a daily study of Jesus’ parables together. I am really excited about it! He’s also preaching a 9 week series on it each Sunday for the youth, so it’s kinda fun to be a part of his studying.

Lastly, please pray for some sweet friends whose baby girl was born to heaven today. She was due a couple of weeks before me, but Jesus had other plans. Unfortunately, we can relate to such a loss and neither of us slept much last night. Personally, I kept waking and praying for the them as they endured the path set before them. What a heartbreaking day for this family.

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  1. I wish I didn't understand that pain. My prayers are definitely with your friend. Being a loss mom means you're part of a sisterhood. But it's one none of us wanted to join. Still, it's amazing the love and compassion given out by other women who understand the hole in your heart that can be left by someone who was in your life for such a short time.

    No matter how many babies come after, there is still a hole in our family that can't be filled this side of heaven. Yet, that's the hope, isn't it? That thanks to Christ, we will see each other again. And I can't wait to meet all the other children who have been mourned, and for whose families I have prayed. At the very least, I know my Sarah is in the most excellent of company.

    21 weeks is more than halfway there, Sweetie, and you can do it! Keep it up, and know that love and prayer is with you always. I can't wait to see this baby girl in your arms.

    And I'm a little jealous. After all, I'm expecting my fourth boy. 4 boys, a husband, and two male cats. The girls and I are drowning in testosterone around here! LOL