Sunday, July 26, 2009

Josiah's Adoption BBQ!

Ready to par-ty!

My mom made all of these cupcakes, and then her and I decorated them. I'm addicted to Cake Boss, have I mentioned that?

I made this sign, which we're going to hang by Jay's bed; we used it as a guestbook.

The reason we celebrate! And to be honest, I pretty much didn't see much of him after this photo. He was in his Superman bouncer and attempting to play football with the big boys most of the day. This morning when I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, he said "cupcakes". That's my boy!

We handed out these ... it's a photo montage of Jay's life, including baby photos. We're thinking about posting it here on the blog, for you to see ... but still undecided on that.

This is the sign after it had been signed by some.

Mom and dad.

Ampa. I don't know why Nana didn't make it into these photos! They did so much to make this party happen. Actually, they did everything! And they cooked us an amazing BBQ. We are so grateful for all of the hard work they put into making this happen! {We only had 2 weeks to plan!}

Lot's of friends. I am noticing in almost every photo, I have a cupcake in my hand ... my story is that it is the exact same cupcake and I just carried it around all day. ;)

This is Tami - she had my camera and took all of the photos you see of actual people! I was pretty much stuck in my chair for the day!

I am bummed I didn't get a photo w/ my friend Cara! She and I have been friends since we were like 14 or so {?}, we were each others Maid of Honors, etc ... and she is pregnant, due just about 10 weeks after me! I think it's cool. ;)

Last night we had several of the youth hanging at our house, so we had Jay in our bed. He was being fussy, so I was laying with him {think he was just overly tired}. He finally fell asleep and I was looking at his amazing eyelashes {and they are amazing!} and thanking God for entrusting this child to us. I also asked that He will allow us to fully fathom what that means for us - the responsibilities, the decisions, the way we choose to live daily ... making moments intentional. It is so easy to start to take days for granted, isn't it?


  1. What a wonderful day. I'm bawling my head off here...

  2. Traci - What a beautiful celebration but an even more beautiful reason to celebrate!!! So happy for you.

  3. What a great party. I'm so loving seeing your family grow.

    Now, the important issue:

    The exact same cupcake? Uh huh, sure it was, Sweetie. And this pregnant woman isn't totally thinking about where she can get a cupcake now. Thanks a lot. =P