Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mine & America's B-day

This year we had no plans. We usually go see a big fireworks show, but couldn't do that this year b/c of the bedrest issue. We'd been invitied several places, and I wanted to play it low-key, so we played it by ear.

I awoke to a living room that looked like this: {and a Ryan asleep on my couch!}

Jason and Drew brought us Noah's Bagels for breakfast {it's only the best bagel in the entire world!}.

We hung out at home all morning then went to have a lunch picnic in the park. I chilled as my boys tossed around a football and I realized that next year I will no longer be the only girl :)

In the evening we headed to a friends to watch fireworks ... I neglected to carry the camera all day, but Jason got some shots of Jay watching the fireworks last night ...
This is Jay seeing his very first street firework. He kept saying "Again!"
Jay and his buddy Jason seeing how fireworks actually work {and explaining safety of course ;)}
Enjoying the show!

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