Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not sure what the name is, but we're calling it the "BUBBLE MAKER!"

In my effort to create {free} entertainment {while I remain vertical}, I recalled an idea from my recent issue of Family Fun. We built a BUBBLE MAKER {you have to YELL it, it's just more fun that way}. Jay was enthralled for about an hour and asked if he could play again tomorrow. This equals mommy happiness.

1. Cut the bottom of an empty plastic bottle off {I used a 16 ounce water bottle - which I am supposed to be drinking 4 of a day, btw!}

2. Strap a towel over cut opening of bottle with rubber band. {I used an old washrag, and cut it to fit the bottle better}.

3. Dip washrag end of bottle in a shallow dish of soapy water and blow into the drinking end of the bottle {I used a sandwich Tupperware dish, some Dawn & water!}.

By the end, Jay was able to make bubble "snakes" so long they touched the ground. Even the dog liked it. Now they are both worn out and sleeping peacefully. Again, mommy happiness! :)


  1. Anything that entertains for an entire hour is bliss...