Friday, July 17, 2009


Isn’t this the sweetest thing you’ve seen? Like EVER.
We bought it for Jay’s adoption photo. I also bought this shirt off of Etsy for Jay’s adoption party. {I also got a necklace for a sweet friend from Etsy, I’m a little addicted}.

Tuesday was the hubs 35th birthday! When we meet he had just turned 22 … wow. We went out to eat, and he was surprised by a friend from North Carolina who showed up to celebrate with us {he was secretly in town}. Andrew and I got him a snazzy new watch, which I’d show you, but my guess is he’s wearing it.

I am back on strict potty use only bed rest, you can read that story here {and you can also check out newest belly shots!}. Our summer fun still involves indoor things. I keep falling asleep with my make-up which is AWFUL and yucky. I have been using homemade skin care for probably over 3 months or so .. I’ll share it w/ ya’ll soon!

Today, I participated in Kellys Korner children birthday party event … check out her website and all of the amazing birthday ideas. I love planning parties!! Jay’s adoption party is in one week!! Luckily I have my mom who takes control of things and a few friends who have offered their assistance. Here is a peek at what the invites look like … I think they came out so adorable!!

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