Monday, August 31, 2009

Be baptized! {and pg. ramblings}

Sunday I witnessed my husband & our lead pastor, {uncle} Kevin baptize 12 youth, including our son. It was exciting when Drew came to Jason expressing his desire to be baptized, and even more exciting to witness it.

If you would have asked me a few years back, I would have told you that A) “I am not quite ready to be a PW {pastor’s wife}” and B) when I am, there’s no way we’ll be leading youth ministry. In fact, I think we mumbled those words to Kevin awhile back. Ha! I can tell you now that I know there is no place else we need to be. When we opted to have Jason step out of the corporate world and take what can only be called a HUGE pay cut, I felt nothing but peace and excitement. And as I watched yesterday, I felt the same. It’s amazing to sit in the youth room on Sunday morning, more teens than chairs, and listen to them ask questions and share opinions; pray for each other and stand in a circle and sing. We couldn’t be richer! Having 12 of them CHOOSE to make this public decision is amazing! Even though this pregnancy has put me in the back seat of the youth team, I must say I am proud and awed at these kids. And their pastor. ;)

Having 2 back to back “outings” was rough for me & Ella. There was a point at the baptism I thought I might die {bit dramatic, I know!} … but I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of both events. My doc has given me a non-wheelchair pass for church on Sundays … my only “free” time and it makes me a little giddy! As we progress further I feel more confident knowing my limits and doing a little more, but almost 4 months of bed rest makes anything I do incredibly hard. I need to grow those muscles back! We’ve had some amazing people assisting us lately, including having meals dropped off. Like homemade non-mac and cheese meals. I can literally see the weight being removed from my hubs as he comes home and actually sits with us, while we eat wonderful food! And something I didn’t expect out of it … lunch! Getting Jay and I healthy, good food for lunch has been amazing and I am starting to feel more like mom and less like couch potato girl! ;) We are SOoooooooooooooooooo grateful for the help and care and love and service of these people! I’ve tried cooking a few crock pot dinners, b/c morning and afternoon I am at my “best”, and even then I typically need to have Jason finish things off for me. We are incredibly blessed! And every night I thank God for each person who is showering us with blessing after blessing, and for each moment the Lord gives me on my feet to actually be out and a part of these moments in my children’s lives and time to worship Him!

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