Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few of my fav links of the week:

I get excitied to check this page out every day: Baby Steals.
Every day they have a new deal {and I actually bought today's deal!}. You'll find a lot of your favs at 1/2 off, for the day only. And you need to check things out in the morning b/c I've found that a lot of the good items sell out very quickly! {There's also a sister site of scrap book steals, but we don't have the money for me to splurge on that stuff right now!}

20 cheap date nights Granted, we can't do all of these now, but I can't wait until we can. We are HUGE on the importance of couple time, and given the economy this simple list is ultra helpful!

A zillion pre-school resources to use at home {you'll hear more on this from me later}: Bry-Backmanor

Thin Mints - at home! I obviously can't make these either right now, but I've managed to save a lot of sites as favorites for when I am up and about and this one is at the top! Holy Moly ... thin mints at home! It's heaven minus the girl scout.

And lastly, Cheap Tweets. A site that lists all of the recent deals and coupon codes posted on Twitter. I heart online codes ;)

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