Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{the movie}

So, we had an 4D u/s. Ella isn't very active during the middle of the day, so I ate 2 twinkes and drank a coke on our way to the appointment, which resulted in an over active girl and a u/s tech who kept saying "wow, she moves a lot". lol {although it also resulted in some blurry images b/c she would not hold still}. I confessed to the coke, but left out the twinkes, feeling a little guilty for sugar highing my girl.

We have photos, which you've seen some of, and 25 minute video. The video will not upload onto our compueter and I am sick of trying to make it, so instead Jay & I video taped a teeny bit playing and uploaded it that way. The quality is awful compared to the DVD, but it's the best I can do @ the moment. And the flashing light is my camera, sorry.

I included a bit of her feet b/c they are so LONG!! At one point she is curled up and they look as big as her head!

While watching, Jay told Ella that she would be okay and that she needed to cook in mommy's tummy and then she could come out. Then he turned to me asked "Mama, how is baby Ella getting out of your tummy?" ... ;)



  1. Oh my goodness!! She is going to be so beautiful. My 3d stuff never seemed to work, but I loved getting my ultrasounds and any peek at all! Good luck!

  2. Wow! She looks amazing! We had the 3D ultrasound, but didn't get the video. Now I'm kind of wishing we had! What a blessing Miss Ella is to you, and what a blessing you'll be to her. {friendchick}

  3. That is amazing!!! She quite a little blessing!