Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My hubs & the scanner gun {the danger!}

Yesterday we had a rare date day! Jason loaded me and the wheelchair up, and we dropped Jay off at daycare {his first time there in a very long time} and dropped Drew off @ his moms {after a month here, it was awfully quiet last night :( }. We headed to Babies R Us and began our registry.

I’d been putting it off, I’ll admit. Kevin told us to go “register in faith”, so that’s what we did. Even after the fact I can tell ya I am not 100% comfortable with it. But the event itself, that was fun!

There were so many women registering alone, and I commented to Jason how sad I thought that was, but he soon got a little gun crazy with the scanner, inserting a ton of clothes and a bib that says “my mom is hotter than yours” … and I could see why it might be easier to leave the man at home, lol. Though I would have never done it w/out mine! We also started a bit of a Amazon registry.

We had to stop for a lunch break {seriously, I decided they should have a snack bar or something in that store! A cafĂ©, maybe?} We went to Lucille’s and had the best Strawberry Lemonade and a fried chicken salad tossed in honey mustard. YUM! Then we went back and finished off.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already put in 10 weeks of bedrest! And are 6 months pregnant! Ella has the clear to “come” @ 36 weeks per dr., which really means I have the clear to WALK, and DANCE, and COOK. {and that, my friends, is just 11 weeks away!} Except by that point, I probably won’t want to do any of the above. Anyway, it was super fun and surreal to pick out stuff for our girl. We didn’t stick to patterns {which is surprising, given my personality}. We do have a few things already that we needed to prepare for Josiah, so we added by picking out some girly stuff {again, the husband went crazy with pink} and some neutral stuff. We tried to stick with practical and prices and recommendations {Baby Bargains} and not get sucked into style, but really … who could pass up this? C’mon!

If you happen to be one of the people who views our registry I apologize now for the 4890 pages of stuff. ;)

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