Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VACATION! {kinda}

We were planning on going to San Diego this past weekend for a tourny for Drew, however bedrest sort of put an end to that. However, Jason had the time off and decided to keep it. We noticed 2 nights open up in one of our Anaheim timeshares, so we took it.

Away from home. Check.
Swimming pool. Check.
Close to Dr. T, if needed. Check.

So we drove the 15/20 minutes there and snuggled into our room across from Disneyland. We swam {got the docs okay for swimming!}, ate, watched fireworks from the rooftop sundeck, visited with friends, watched movies and Jason even wheeled us to D-land to catch a showing of Playhouse Disney live. And sweet heavens, I had a vanilla coke with crushed ice! Yum!

Not quite the trips we're used to, but it worked, and we're thankful!

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