Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a JUNGLE out there

Dear mom,

We realize fall is approaching and that this season really isn’t our time to shine, and we realize you’re stuck on the couch with only visits to the potty … but we wanted to send you a little reminder. Don’t forget about us!! We have WEEDS {gasp}, a few taller than some of us ... and icky soil and grass mounds! We’ve never been such a wreck. We know it pains you when you walk by on your way to the car for a doctor’s visit, so we try to push out a bloom now and then to make you smile, but it’s getting harder and harder to do, friend. Dad really does try to water us and the grass, and keep things semi-sane out here, but really he has so much on his plate, we know he can’t care for us too. We hate to actually tell you this, but we think a dog pooed on us too! Spring will come soon, we know we’ll see wonderful beauty again and we will make all of you happy! For now, we’re trying to understand.


Your poor, pitiful, once serene Garden.

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