Thursday, September 24, 2009

Measuring 40 weeks.

And I am only 32. My uterus is stretched. And it doesn’t like it. {Since being home from the hospital I’ve been contracting about 1 or 2 times an hour.}

Here’s the plan {as of now!, it seems to change}.

Step one: don’t go into labor this weekend. There is a huge OB conference in Palm Springs and all the big guys are going. I’d prefer those big guys AND my doc to be AT the hospital when I go into labor.

Step two: Doc kept telling me over and over that he felt incredibly bad for me, and had much empathy for me, and then he asked if I can make it two more weeks. I can. Bed rest is much easier now-a-days b/c not only do I NOT want to move, I barely can. Or breathe.

Step three: In two weeks we’ll likely remove fluid {probably 2 liters! Yikes!}. If I go into labor then, so be it. If not, we’ll try to hold off at least another week – possibly two.

When we were at the hospital this past week they called the on call dr., not Dr. T, even though we questioned it. Today Dr. T was surprised to discover I was even at the hospital and told us that we can require the nurse to call him next time. And in case they don’t, he gave us his personal number so WE can call/page him. Have I mentioned I love him?

Still concerned about cord issues, but he says if she is head down {she is today} what he can do is remove fluid and then break my water, so I can still deliver vaginally. And if the cord does prolapse they’ll be on stand by for an emergency c-section. I asked him if the on call doc would deliver if he was off, and he said NOPE, he’ll be the one delivering Ella, which makes me feel MUCH better. Unless it’s this weekend and he’s in Palm Springs of course!

He also mentioned today that she had a large bladder; Jason questioned him but he didn’t seem concerned other than the fact that she’s peeing more liquid into my uterus. He is constantly monitoring her for anomalies, and he wants her monitored closely even after birth. While no defects have been discovered yet, it’s typically the higher the AFI, the higher the chance of something being wrong. My AFI is around 40, with the norm being 8-10. That’s a very high number.

Personally, we find all of this exhausting in every aspect.

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  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Looks like Ella complied and stayed put while Dr T is in Palm Springs, YAY! Will keep you in prayer she stays put another couple of weeks, and that you don't get too uncomfortably big!Melisa