Friday, September 18, 2009

Reasons I am thankful today:

1. While I spent a good party of yesterday pity-partying it up, asking God why I couldn’t have a normal, ordinary pregnancy … it was impressed on me that God’s glory is greater seen in the extraordinary. So, thank you Jesus for making this journey anything but ordinary!
2. Friends like Ethan and Eileen who spend the day playing with Jay and then helping me take care of him till Daddy gets home b/c he’s sick. {Pray that he gets better soon & that neither of us get it!}
3. Friends like Miriam who spend the day capturing precious pregnancy moments.
4. A husband whose work schedule permits him to be with me for every 2 hour appointment on Mondays and Thursdays and allowed him to be with me 24/7 for our week in the hospital.
5. A son who goes out of way to care for his little brother and family even though life probably seems like chaos every time he walks in the door.
6. Friends like the Piohia’s who brought me a duffle bag full of predictable ending romantic movies {my absolute favorite!} I have a stash which will last a very long time!
7. The realization that no matter how old you are you always need your mama to care for you!
8. The fact that we are having a BABY SHOWER tomorrow! And I have Docs premission to go! I am excited that all of the people who have helped us and prayed for us and cared for us will get to CELEBRATE with us!
9. The amazing people who have made us meals and weeded our garden {it’s no longer a jungle, my friends!}. I am not sure we deserve such care! There are people who claim to be Christians and then there are people who actually reflect Christ.
10. Inspiring authors. I’m reading Crazy Love … and desiring to become OVERWHELMED by a relentless God. He’s calling us to a passionate love!

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  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Can't wait to hear how your shower went, so excited for you! Melisa