Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the saga continues

Wednesday afternoon update:
I’d been uncomfortable all day, and had been contracting {as always}, but I began to notice they were more distinct than usual, so I turned on the contraction counter around 6:30pm, and when a half hour later we were already at 7 contractions, I made a little “uh, I think we should head back to the hospital statement”.

We started off w/ a test to see if my water had broke {it hadn’t} and then a look at the cerclage {still there and tight}, and then another FFN. Can I just say that those are the worst things ever. EVER. If not for my husband last night I probably would have passed out from sheer pain. The nurse {who was awesome, and probably the best nurse we’ve had yet!} said it was similar to a Pap and I laughed at her, telling her she wasn’t fooling me b/c I’ve already had one and KNOW the pain {not to mention I got to share the story of how during the first FFN the test stick broke. Yes, broke!}. Anyway, probably far too much info for any men reading this, I apologize! Ha! FFN came back negative, again! Wa-hoo!

Contractions were increasing so I got a terbutaline shot, which calmed them for a little while, but then they came back – so we tried one more turb shot in the other arm before moving to the Magnesium Sulfate again, and the second shot did the trick. Somewhere in the wee early morning hours we were discharged.

Last night was the first time I have not been able to walk from the car to the hospital with contractions – so they were pretty intense. I have to laugh when I am asked how long I’ve been contracting b/c the answer to that is like 6 weeks! Some days there are less and some days there are a few an hour.

I am having a very hard time sleeping – other than that, I am feeling pretty good! Will consult with Dr. T tomorrow!

My husband is a trooper. So is my mom, and Kelli, and Beks, and Miriam, and all of the people “on call” waiting to move into action when we need them. I am awed. And grateful.

Tuesday morning update:
Ella had her NST & a BPP yesterday. On the BPP she scored an 8 {out of 8}. Yay for her! I am becoming a pro at working the heart monitor & finding her when she moves {which is like every minute}. The more I can get her to stay on, the quicker the reading! I’ve given up

on counting how many u/s we’ve had. We’re like at 100 or something!

Talked to Dr. T about the RH Disease thing, and he said he was concerned about it while were @ the hospital, so he tested {one of the many blood tests, I guess}. And it came back fine, so I don’t need to worry about that.

He also talked about how grateful he is that the cerclage is in there and as long as it holds it greatly reduces the risk of a cord prolapse should my water break at home. He said without the cerclage he’d be a “very nervous man”. So that made me feel a lot better about it!

Jason asked about bed rest, and he’s determined to keep it a “strict” level from here on out. He told me to catch up on trashy TV {I don’t watch TV during the day actually, I find it depressing. Movies sometimes, but no TV}. So I remain down w/ only walks to the bathroom. Whatever it takes!

Have I mentioned that I hate The Wiggles? I can’t deal!

In other news ... welcome Fall! My favorite time of the year! Apples and pumpkins and crisp nights and football and craniberries, and wondeful smells, and the season my baby girl will be born into! I love you autumn! And I love the Iced Pumpkin Spiced lattes w/ extra whip you bring!

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  1. I love reading your blog. It really gives me some insight as to how much Ella has been keeping life very interesting for you guys since day 1 ! Praying for God's Will and thankful that she is staying put for the moment. I love fall too..even in So Cal !