Wednesday, September 09, 2009

wed morn update

sorry things are in half sentences ... just trying to explain details.

As of this morning, Ella is snug in momma and still moving like a crazy girl.

Traci slept mostly through the night ... Again, the goal w/ the mag.. is to slow things down until Fri at minimum, until Ella's lung development shots are fully effective.

Last night tre was given anitbotics as a precaution for delivery. And Tyneloyl for back pain - She was offered Morphine, but declined.

We had the nurse from hell, Traci called her "little miss sunshine". She told Traci that she needed to suck it up and realize none of this is about her, it's about our child's life that is in jeopardy. She also told her she it was time to be mommy & not worry about herself. This was about the time she was sweating literally pounds off from the magnesuim sulfate kicking in and was getting a cath, etc. Seems to me we've been in this hospital and have delivered babies which we've watched die, so we fully "get" the implications of our situation. Thanks lady!! Later in the night when she said some other smart thing, Rebekah sorta told her off,and it's been requested via the head nurse that she not return to our room. She was full of awful comments, but the one above is the one that nearly drove, my sweet softspoken wife to flip her off.

Looks like we'll try to wean the magnesuim if things stay calm. Thank you everyone who has had the kids, been at our house and here, and done a ton of other things for us! Also thank you so much for all of your prayers for Tre and baby Ella.
We know and have peace that God has his hand on this pregnancy,baby Ella and Traci. Praise God for another day that Ella has stayed in mommy's tummy.

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    thanks for the updates Jason, praying little Miss Ella stays put in Momma's tummy. That really sucks about that nurse!Hopefuuly she goes away and stays away, although picturing Traci flipping someone off made me laugh! Keeping your family in prayer, Melisa