Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where we stand

I woke up feeling like I probably should take some time to actually process the last week. Jason and I will both admit that while being wheeled to L&D we shared a bit of excitement … we {everyone!} thought we were about to meet our daughter! Obviously we’re beyond amazed and grateful to learn that’s not the case … like, amazingly grateful. Because at the point, no one seemed to think it a possibility that Ella wasn’t ready to come.

The morning nurse yesterday told me that I have the most amino fluid she’s ever seen. {um, thanks?}. I have to say our hospital visit was good, as far as hospital visits go. The rooms are nice and large and private and they rolled in a bed for Jason to sleep right next to me. They allowed visitors and Josiah. They got us whatever we needed. And aside from the Nazi Nurse, we dealt with some very kind people. Dr. T came to visit us several times each day, and we love how involved he is. It seems with every other pregnancy of mine I was always just thrown into the hands of the Dr. on call. Not with Dr. T, he constantly called to check on us, and visited, and was up pretty much all night with us on Wednesday. I love his passion for Ella, and his care for us. We are blessed.

Last night, our friends Kelli and Ryan made us a home cooked meal, and it was awesome and yummy and a billion steps up from hospital food. :) So many people have had Jay and brought us food and stayed up until midnight praying for us {thanks Brandi, I was so touched when Jason told me about you!}. My poor best friend and parents probably spent like 100 dollars in parking fees, and haven't slept through a night all week either. Again, we are blessed!

At this point, the problem is excess of fluid … something called Polyhydramnios. What we’ve done now is treated it with a drug called Indocin. It was a small treatment, b/c it can cause complications. I am glad for that b/c it makes me feel awful and high and dizzy. If necessary, the next step is to actually go in and remove some of the fluid. It can re-accumulate, but if it buys a little bit of time, then it’s worth it.

I am on strict bed rest, with my only activities being drinking and peeing. ;) Ella and I will be monitored two times a week at this point. Unless of course, the contractions come back … and then we’re back @ Memorial.

Ella has fully had her lung development shots and they have had time to take effect. We will be at one of the top NICU’s in the nation. And we’re past 30 weeks. Dr. T kept telling us he can’t believe how many “bullets we’ve dodged”. We’ll keep telling him about the power of prayer.

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  1. Continuing to pray. Have they given any reason as to why so much fluid is building up in the first place? Praising God for each "bullet" God is shielding you from. {{{hugs}}}