Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Who you calling baby?

Our boy has progressed by leaps and bounds over the summer!

For one, he is fully potty trained. I tried everything, and was afraid he might never get out of pull-ups. But alas, he decided he was done and over the last few months has been completely pull up free. We have a few minor pee-pee accidents here and there, but the majority of days are all potty! He’s even wearing his big boy undies all night long with no issues!

He’s riding his big boy bike now!

He’s been sticking to his “goal chart” for weeks now, which includes things like cleaning his room and giving the doggies water.

He’s fully given up his paci. Which is HUGE – when he came to us he literally had one attached to him and would not remove the thing from his mouth for anything. He has neglect issues, and it was his one constant. We worked it to where he only had it at night and nap time, but he would have panic attacks if he didn’t get it. After a lot of “talk” on my husband’s part, he decided to let the paci fairy come and get it and give it to a little girl somewhere who needed one, and in return him and daddy went and bought a new special blankie.

With this momentous event, he also gave up nap time. Mommy on bedrest NEEDS nap time. So, we incorporated quiet time. He has an hour and a half in his room, where he can “read” or play with toys in bed, or sing to his favorite CD, but he must remain quiet. He can only leave his room if he is bleeding, he needs to go potty or the earth is shaking. Every day we set an alarm clock together, and when it goes off he’s allowed to get up! We’ve been doing this for weeks, and it’s amazing how well it works!

I have been pressured to put him in pre-school {therapists, social workers, etc.} … this year we’ve opted to home school him! I am SO EXCITIED! We’re starting next week, and I already have my next three weeks planned to a T. {I’ve been in school for pre-school teaching/ administration certification, so this is right up my passionate alley!}. I will probably be showing you a lot of what we do {because I really AM that excited!}. Jason bought our school supplies and I’ve organized my list of library books for pick-up for the next 3 weeks. I can use some ideas on teaching/ working with #’s … any creative thoughts? I have our whole alphabet curriculum done {w/ crafts and books and games and songs and fun snacks, of course! … oh, God bless my husband!}, and our bible study stuff done. I don’t know if you do science at this age? He’ll still be going to intensive speech therapy 2X a week. Anyway, I am stoked!

His therapist said that perhaps he is “passing the baton” to Ella, and is ready to let go of the baby stage, thus the reason he’s progressed so much. Who knows? He has a psych evaluation next week for some behavior issues that result from things in his past. We’re excited and nervous about that.

He asks a lot about “his baby” Ella. He talks to her. He kisses her goodnight. He prays for her. I have no idea why, but he really wants to buy her a Barbie and asks every time someone mentions the store. He asks how she is going to come out, and asks if she is scared in my tummy {which was preceded by, “was I scared in your tummy, mommy?” ... wide open for adoption talks!}. I love his involvement!

So, all that, my friends … is to tell you that our baby is growin’ up!

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