Monday, October 19, 2009

He’s Four!

Josiah! Today you turn four! That’s like … serious big boy age!

This morning you were dedicated to the Lord at church, which made the day extra special.

This year you have excelled in speech therapy and will pretty much talk people’s ear off now. You say things that always crack us up. The other day I asked you to climb across the car to get out at the door nearest the grass … your response “Absolutely, mama”. Things like that make me laugh! If you get frustrated you throw your head in your hands and say “GOSH!”. We started homeschooling this year and we’re having a lot of fine with crafts and bible study. Those are your two favorite things!
You love Disneyland and swimming and sports. You’re playing t-ball and you love it! You like singing and dancing and playing your git-tar! You like race cars and currently love Toy Story … your hero is Woody.

This year you went on your first airplane ride and were a bit braver then mommy! Ha!
You have been such a joy to us {and a challenge!}. We are so excited you are a forever part of our family now, and greatly look forward to what FOUR will bring you!

Happy Birthday baby {er, big boy!}


  1. SO sweet! Happy birthday to the little man! And seriously - I'm about to fire our speech ladies...he won't STOP talking!! LOL. How are youf eeling???

  2. What cute photos! I love his cake too! :)