Friday, October 16, 2009

Recipes for your face {homemade skin care}

About 6 months ago I began making my own face wash. Last night I mixed a new batch up, so I thought I'd quickly share how simple and wonderful it is!

The idea's mostly came from the book, Beauty Secrets of the Bible. The author, Ginger Garrett was our speaker at our bi-annual HP retreat. I was taken with what she has to say and got fired up about things like Parabens, DEA, etc. that I had recently been slathering all over my body. Ginger Garrett had done a study on Queen Esther and her research of the year of "beautifying" is how her book came about.

So, to start simple ... Step one:
1 cup powdered goats milk
1 cup organic oats

And then blend it together friends! I blend until it's a fine powder, so the oats are not at all harsh on my skin. This recent batch I also added some ground flax to the mix, b/c my skin tends to get dry during winter and the Omega 3's will help with that. Store your powder in a air-tight container {it will last a long time!} and use a pinch with some water to make a paste for washing. I store it in Tupperware in my cabinet, and have the little thingy you see above in my bathroom for daily use.

Step Two:
While face is still wet, take a small dab on organic raw honey and rub on face. When wet, the honey feels like a gel, not at all sticky. Be careful not to use too much, or you will end up with sticky face. It might take a little trial and error. Pat dry face. Per the book "Honey works to give the skin a beautiful glow and to plump up fine lines. Packed with nutrients and enzymes, honey helps counteract the pollution and other harmful effects of the environment."

Step Three: Use organic extra virgin olive oil to moisturize. This one I was most afraid of because I was fearful I would end up smelling like something on an Olive Garden menu, however, olive oil has become my most favorite secret weapon. I use it everywhere {especially during pregnancy on all those places you don't want stretch marks, and to help prepare certain things for breastfeeding}. It never leaves me feeling greasy, always soft!

There's a ton more tricks and tips I have to share {I've also become a big fan of lavender oil!}, but it'll come later! This cleaning routine is super cheap {I shop @ Whole Foods for the stuff, and haven't needed to go back since my first trip for this stuff over 6 months ago!}. Give it a try and Enjoy! If you're into this stuff, you'll LOVE Ginger's book ... you can purchase it at the link above!

{Also, a NST update, I am officially off of bed rest - WA-HOO! If I go into labor now they won't stop it. I have two more progesterone shots to complete - one today - and then I am done w/ meds. We're keeping good tracks of Ella's daily movements and will continue the NST's. Only issue now is ... do we take the cerclage out and risk a cord prolapse at home, or do we leave it in until delivery and risk it preventing normal dilatation?}

{{{{It's quiet time, and my boy just yelled from his room "I pee-pee'd in my trash can" followed by a giggle. Anyone else have these problems?}}}}


  1. if you love the scent (I do!) you can also use coconut oil (the UNrefined) anywhere on your body to moisturize...or I get it from Sprouts.

    I usually wash my face w/ baking soda..but this recipe sounds good too.

  2. Hey, have you guys seen this woman Rose Cole’s free sugar body scrub recipe? I made them for Christmas gifts and they were awesome! So easy to make.

  3. This free sugar scrub recipe looks so cute! Yum, chocolate! Has anyone tried this?