Friday, October 02, 2009

So, it's been a year.

If you'll take a moment to recall this post... I've wanted a bedroom make-over. And I decided to do it a year ago! Ha! My husband just did it last week! Nothing like a baby to get things a movin!

Here is a before photo of room, though this was several years ago, but it's the only one I can currently find, and you get the general drift. Okay, but I felt cluttered.

Then my hubs sanded and patched and painted and built and over the year I've found deals on things I've wanted {in fact, that comforter set I wanted ... my procrastination resulted in it going 50% off at the end of last year, so I was able to purchase it!}. We de-cluttered a lot, and of course, kept my bright red wall! And right now, I absolutely LOVE our bedroom. I love our windows, our simpleness. I am so sick of the couch, that I have been spending a ton of time in here actually. It's so yummy!

So, here's the after photo:

The wall wording is a symbol of a posey necklace {Poesy (n): A short poem or sentiment decoratively inscribed on rings or jewelry, particularly in the Middle Ages - usually a romantic gift or token of friendship. The frequent mention of poesy rings in William Shakespeare's plays, attests to their popularity in 16th Century England: "Is this a prologue, or the Poesy of a ring?" Tradition has it that words which touch the skin have a particular power. Poesy Rings were traditionally given in sterling silver as engagement rings, and then replaced with the same ring in gold upon marriage.} that Jason purchased for me long ago. ;)

My extra 40 {+, uhm} pounds is very grateful this baby was installed!

And this, my friends, is where Ella will spend her first few months. I love having it here to see every morning and pray over at night!

Thank you baby, for all of your hard work!


  1. The room looks great. Way to go hubs!

  2. I have that same bassinet/changing table combo... I noticed it when you posted a picture of it in the first stages of being built. it's still in my bedroom.. I havent found it in me to put it away into the nursery. It just looks so cute in my room. I cant move it!