Tuesday, October 27, 2009

T.W.O. weeks.

Yesterday we talked more w/ Dr. T about our “plan”. We’ve been debating taking the cerclage out or not.

The pro: when it’s removed, I’ll likely go into labor within days.

The con: there’s a risk of water breaking @ home and a prolapsed cord. {the cerclage greatly reduces this!} A risk we don’t like.

We’ve also been talking about Ella’s rather large noggin’. And attempting to take her full or past term {which may be likely w/ my cervix still sewn closed}, may put us at high risk for a c-section. Her head size has been a concern, and it ain’t getting any smaller. So, do we induce?

The pro: I will likely still be able to deliver vaginally. They’ll remove the cerclage, remove some fluid, and if the cord does prolapsed, we’ll be prepared for an emergency C-Section.

The con: An induced labor. Meds – etc. Not my first choice.

After talking about our anxieties and what we're feeling, Dr. T decided that maybe it’s best for us {my fears, our past experience, etc.} to leave the cerclage in until I am in labor, when it can be removed in the hospital. And because we’d like to avoid a c-section {especially hours of labor and THEN a c-section due to a large head and small pelvis}, we will induce probably in 2 weeks if I don’t start on my own by then.

TWO weeks!

I’ve been feeling really good being off of bed rest, but the last few days I’ve been really sluggish and kind of nauseated {welcome back, old friend!}. Jason said she looks like she dropped. I am barely rolling myself out of bed. You should see my hair today. Ha! But I also LOVE this time. It’s like the few weeks before your wedding, when you know life is going to change! Both boys have been extra attentive and loveable lately, and that’s always special! Drew offered his big brother services so Jason could take me out for dessert the other night!

I am currently measuring 45 weeks. Which would explain why I must dress in the hubs t-shirts. Stylish, I know. I am contracting, as always. Painful, but not consistent. No belly stretch marks yet {don’t be jealous, I am guessing they’ll still come … maybe when things shrink back to semi-normal?} I love the belly, and am pretty sure it will be missed!

So, if you’d like to pray for us … I think right now what I’d like is her to come on her own, to avoid an induction. God’s knows the exact moment, so I am not all that stressed, just a preference, I guess. Also, we’re continuing to pray for Ella’s health and for a safe delivery with no hemorrhaging after delivery!

So many people have been such an important part of the pregnancy, and I can't wait to share our little miracle with you! Dr. T kept imparting that getting us to this point in pregnancy was "no easy feat" {Ha!}, and in our minds there are MANY peeps involved that have walked with us to this point. Thank you!

{also, side note ... while we're at the hospital the hubs finds it easier to update Facebook, so you'll find better updates there ... HOWEVER, we're not accepting friend requests from people we don't personally know, just for safety reasons ... thanks for understanding!}

{{Oh, another side note … Dr. T thinks a possibility with Grace and Olivia was that I presented with Polyhydramnios during that pregnancy {un-diagnosed, b/c I had only had one early u/s} and that caused the extra pressure on my cervix, causing pre-term labor. The perinatologist said that she thought it was probably an infection. We do know for sure that I DID have a ton of water w/ the twins, we know I dilated to over 4 without feeling a contraction, and the pathology report stated possible Listeriosis. We’ll never have an exact answer, but it’s interesting now to see other pieces of the puzzle.}}


  1. Seriously exciting times!!

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Wow, what a journey, and your finally here!~ Well, almost. Totally beyond words happy for you, guess I'll have to wait on the updates, but totally understand! Will continue to pray of course, and wait patiently for a post pregnancy post! Melisa