Thursday, October 01, 2009

Week 33

On Monday Dr. T said that everyone at the big OB conference over the weekend was super interested in our “case”. From medical students to specialists to his colleagues … everyone was intrigued. Then he followed that up with a little laugh and “that’s not really a good thing”. Apparently, normal is the ‘good thing’. And when have we ever been normal? Though it’s interesting to note that we were discussed so much!

He also told us to cancel our Lamaze and Breastfeeding classes, we’re staying home! I am bummed b/c I really wanted the experience of the Lamaze class AND the breastfeeding class {though he said he’d get me a tutor for that}. This will be my second delivery and still no Lamaze class for us! I have my breathing coach :), and I actually ordered a Lamaze video from the library, so we’ll be good. But I am still bummed about missing the experience itself. We obviously don’t need to take the hospital tour, seeing as we pretty much know it like the back of our hands.

Today I had several strong contractions during the NST, but nothing stable. We talked about Ella’s health, and he feels that she is healthy. The reason it’s all so perplexing is because an AFI as high as mine typically indicates a fetal problem. As you know, nothing has been detected. He said there is a small chance there will be a problem, but odds are she’s fine.

We also decided to try our best for a natural delivery AND because I’ve been feeling so good {in other words, I haven’t been feeling incredibly worse} we’re going to try to take this pregnancy as long as it will go. I am also thinking I’ll be okay without the fluid reduction next week … we’ll see, but the ball for that is pretty much in my court; and I think I can soldier on. He basically said that as long as things don’t get any worse, it’s up to me as to when we have the baby {I think God has a little something to do with it, but Dr. T isn’t a Christian exactly; however our God does continue to show off for him}.

Around here we {meaning everyone but me} have been getting things baby ready. Building, painting, washing, etc. 34 weeks is a week away and that’s been our focal point! I have to show you my husband’s hard work … that post is coming soon!

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  1. continuing to pray for you and your family. Love the name, btw :-)