Friday, October 09, 2009

Amazing perfection!

Yesterday morning we went in for our NST, and I told Dr. T that I was anxious and explained to him that when he looks worried, it makes me worried. He tried playing it off, but I can read the man! He explained to me that the perinatologist we were going to be working with during the level II u/s was the same dr. that worked with us while we were in the hospital. He had already spoken to her and she was waiting for us. He also asked me how I felt about fluid removal at this point. I remain okay with sticking this out as long as the only benefit remains my comfort level. I don’t feel the risks {bag rupture, placenta abruption, infection} are worth it. Typing on my side is getting easier! ;) Though we will most definitely need to remove fluid prior to delivery – the only way to allow a safe vaginal delivery, he says. Anyway he said he’s keeping my opinions in mind while making decisions.

So, off to Dr. M we went. I have to admit that she was MUCH more pleasant during this visit then she had been in the hospital. Jason pointed out we were visiting her at her office during her hours, rather than her needing to come to us in the middle of the night, and I guess he has a good point. She never came off as rude, just not super friendly. However, yesterday she was awesome! She remembered us and greeted us with a super happy “I’m so glad you’re still pregnant!” Her office is at the hospital, and she spent an hour doing a 3D/4D u/s. In the end she admitted that Dr. T was concerned about Ella’s head size {it’s uh, “generous”}, but she felt it was still within normal range. She said more importantly she spent lots of time looking over everything with a fine tooth comb and could not find any abnormalities. Praise Jesus! She agrees with me about fluid reduction at this point, and she spent lots of time talking to us about Ella’s different measurements, etc. We watched Ella swallow several times and looked for blockages. Saw her stick out her tongue, lol.

My AFI measured 35 yesterday, so, while it’s greatly above normal, it’s still stable {she told me she once had a lady with an AFI of 60! My goodness, I don’t know how that lady breathed!}. Ella weighs 4lbs 15oz. My cervix is still miraculously tight and closed, even with all of the contractions {which are happening b/c of my over distended uterus}. Unless I have a pre-mature rupture of membranes from the pressure, the chances of me actually going in labor at this point are slim! We want Ella to be full term – she needs that time, and it’s looking like she might be! {I can survive another 5-6 weeks, right?}

Jason and I are doing our birthing video at home, since I wasn’t allowed out! I can guarantee we’re having more fun than we would in a class. The video is from the 80’s I think and we’re loving it. Ha! We’re trying to practice every night and I love how Jason is determined to be a amazing coach. Someone also gave me Husband Coached Childbirth to read and we cannot put it down. Jason and I are constantly learning so much! It’s making me excited for it all to happen. I delivered the twins without an epidural b/c I was fearful of it – I’ve already had one now {for the cerclage}, and realize how simple they are, so the fear is no longer there …. But I am learning so much about how I want our birthing experience to be that I am leaning tords no meds in our birth plan. I also want to breastfeed before they take her for examination, but I am not sure they will let me due to the possibility of anomalies. I am going to point out that they are concerned with me hemorrhaging and immediate breastfeeding will assist with uterine contractions, so I might get my way there – ha! I also want to wait to cut her cord until it’s stopped pulsating and stuff, but again, I don’t know if they’ll want a neonatologist to exam her immediately. We’ll see. It’s amazing to be able to write out a birth plan! I love the bonding and excitement over all of this. Jason and I will each have our own roles during the experience and I already know we’re an amazing team! Yay!

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Dr. T on Monday, because I know him and Dr. M talked yesterday afternoon and my guess is he is pretty excited himself!

Sometimes it’s incredibly hard for us to believe we’ll actually be bringing a baby home! Thank you for your continued prayers for us!

{I've typed the words vaginal, cervix and utuerus on this blog more than I care to admit. Sorry, lol!}


  1. beautiful picture.. i can tell you, my daughter looked EXACTLY like her US pics... they are very accurate!

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    WOO-Hoo! Praise God! So, So , So happy for your family! LOve the picture, she is a doll baby already! Very excited for you guys! Melisa