Monday, November 02, 2009

The 5th sounds like a good day for a birthday!

Dr. T greeted us today {before we were even in our room!}, to tell us that he thinks Ella needs to come this week. He’s concerned about the cerclage and contractions and the risk of cervical damage. Typically a cerclage is removed around 36 or 37 weeks, but we’re not doing that {not worth risking anyone’s life w/ the Polyhydramnios}. He wanted her early anyway, to avoid a c-section.

I have been contracting like crazy. Last night we were up until 1 cleaning {middle of the night spurt?} and then I contracted every 6-8 minutes until about 4, when I decided to stop timing and just go to sleep. I figured if they got worse I’d wake up … but they didn’t. They haven’t been consistent at all today.

We go in at 7am on Thursday for cerclage removal and then an induction. I’ll be 38 weeks {can you believe it???}. So, that’s like … in 3 days.


{our allergies have been CRAZY since windy days and I PRAY I am 100% well by Thur!}

Jay has been extra needy, he’s even been sleeping in our room the last 3 nights. He’s like a dog that knows you're about to leave them home alone while you go on vacation. He knows. Last night we were watching the Yankees whoop some booty, and out of no where Jay pops up with “We don’t need to worry about baby Ella … Jesus is taking care of her.”

There you have it.

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  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow, can't wait to see pics and hear your birth story, sooooooooooooooo exciting! The big day is almost here! Girls are so fun, I have two and they are just so fun! Praying all goes well with no complications. Melisa