Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am a week old! {& a NICU update}

I’d love to show you a photo of how cute I am, but they won’t let mommy and daddy take pics! Sometime in the last 24 hours {mommy can’t really remember when}, Daddy gave me a bath and I weighed in at 5lbs 13oz!

My dr. has decided that I will for sure be here on a 7 day treatment of antibiotics. Today began day 3. God willing my other tests are good, I think I might be able to break out of this joint! Dr. also said that my bili levels went back up {which mommy and daddy figured, since I was showing a bit of a yellow tan, again}. This morning they weren’t high enough for him to want to put me back on the lights, so we’re praying they go back down!! If they get to 13, I am back to the tanning booth! :(

I had my renal ultrasound today and my right kidney showed mild hydronephrosis. The nurse told mommy and daddy that this is not a cause for concern, and that it doesn’t really play a role in this game. Mommy mentioned she heard that it basically clears itself without treatment and the nurse said that was correct. She said everything else looked normal! Praise Jesus! As always, mommy and daddy are eager to talk to my dr. about this in further detail. Tonight mommy said she wishes Dr. T was still taking care of us – not that my new nurses and dr.’s are bad {actually, they are the top of the line!}, but nothing compares to Dr. T’s care!

I have another test in the next few days … a dye test which checks for blockage. That one doesn’t sound too fun to me!

Me and mommy talked daddy into leaving the hospital today to watch my biggest bro play football. I was bummed because this was supposed to be my first football game! My nana brought Josiah to the hospital and he and daddy headed to the game. I am glad my daddy got some boy time in – I hear Jay is having a hard time! My nana came with mommy to feed me and we got to snuggle! Anyway, Drew rocked the game, and was a huge star! Daddy told me all about it when he got back!

Mommy says she wants smooth sailing from here on out, with no more surprises. I can’t promise anything, but I guess I can try!

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  1. Marie6:22 AM

    Glad to hear Ella is doing better. We continue to pray for her and for mommy & daddy to give them the strength as they continue to forge ahead. You are such strong and amazing people and our God has been absolutely amazing during this process too.

    May God continue to bless you!