Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I haven't brushed my teeth in 72 hours {& other NICU ramblings}

The low down:

Over the last couple of days Ella’s bili has dropped from 24 to under 10. Yay! She’s now off the lights and no longer has to wear her super cool sunglasses! She’s more alert and looks good.However, her urine sample came back positive for bacteria. Her CBC was normal, so they were thinking the sample might have been cross-contaminated. They ran a second test to verify, and unfortunately, it came back positive as well – her urine had E.Coli in it. She’s been on antibiotics via IV for the last 24 hours, and will likely remain that way for the next 7-10 days. :( Which means NICU for another week, at the minimum.

Ella will have a renal ultrasound done {along with some other tests} to check for abnormalities. I am very curious to talk to her dr. tomorrow about this and the possibility of it having anything to do with the excess fluid. Please pray these tests come back all perfect and that there’s nothing more going on than a UTI {which likely caused the Jaundice}.

We are still able to use the family room, which is seriously smaller than my mother’s closet, but it has a bed and a door, so we are super grateful. There are only 2 of these rooms {a lot of more critical NICU babies have rooms where parents can actually room in with them, not an option for Ella}, and I am constantly hearing families asking for them … which makes me even more thankful to have a place to snooze. {Here’s where I explain why it pays off to occasionally be the crazy, hormonal mom: when we were admitted, and I was uh, bawling, a sweet lact. consultant took me under her wing, and today explained that she got us into the small room herself, and choose this room b/c we’re less likely to get kicked out of it. She’s also hooking us up with cafeteria vouchers and has been such a help in assisting with breastfeeding – I am really grateful Ella and I have had so much time to work with her! Anyway …} If another family has a critical baby and needs the room we will be asked to move out of it {and will, obviously!} but for now we LOVE that we have our tiny space of privacy. And for someone not fond of public bathrooms I have to say that I am getting pretty acclimated to living out of one.

We go to Ella every 3 hours to take her stats, change her diaper {pee and poo is weighed!}, and feed her. She’s in a NICU room w/ about 12 other babies. We sign in, scrub in, open doors with secret buttons using elbows and knees and basically get to feel we’re on Greys. We spend an average of about an hour with her and then have 2 hours to eat or sleep or try to spend some time with Jay {whose abandonment issues are not really being helped right now – sorry buddy!}. We drag ourselves around, drugged up on Visine and smile at all of the other NICU parents who look pretty much like we do {NICU parents get special badges, so we know who is who}. We're attached to pagers that are used to "call" us back anytime Ella or a nurse needs us.

The nurses are mostly awesome. And I really have a super amount of compassion for families who are required to live at the NICU for months on end. I can’t imagine!

We’re off to grab something quick to eat {happen to actually like cafeteria food – so many things to choose from!!} before our 9pm date w/ an adorable little girl!

Thank you so much for praying for us! It is so very appreciated! We fully know our girl is in the hands of an AMAZING God!

{These were taken on the day she was born. I want to share her birth story, but haven't had the chance yet, coming soon!}


  1. Continuing to pray for your princess, you and your family. I do hope you'll be able to keep your room.

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Keeping your sweet family in my prayers, thanks for sharing your pictures,they are so precious! Melisa

  3. Traci,
    Totally understand the whole NICU thing and how agonizing it can be just wanting to take your baby home(did it with Justus but was 450 miles away from my husband and kids for 6 days). Praying that Ella will get healthy quickly so that she(and you) can go home!
    Blessings, Faith