Monday, November 23, 2009

No one is going to call me BOY!

My momma keeps enough bows on my head to be sure of that!

Ella has been spending a lot of time awake! {Because she was a newbie + being sick + all the meds, she pretty much spent her first 2 weeks asleep}. Her ped started her on Zantac for acid reflux - we want to make sure she eats and keeps it down so she can grow! On Friday she weighed 6lbs 4oz. She has another doc appt tomorrow.

Josiah is officially home and after a first rough day or two, he's doing well. He is SO good with Ella {almost surprising good}. He does have a hard time w/ lack of attention, especially during feedings - but overall he's content to "help".

Ella looks itty bitty in Drew's arms, but she's content there! She snuggles up and I am guessing she is going to grow up madly in love with him!

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  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    She's as pretty as her Mommy was and looks just as peaceful.