Friday, November 06, 2009

on the day YOU were born ::

the sunlight danced in your hair

the stars twinkled in your eyes

the moon beams kissed your cheeks

and the Angels sang your sweet name.

E l l a B r o o k l y n
November 5th, 2009 :: 8:33pm
6lbs2oz :: 20 inches

Thanks be to the Giver of all for the gift of this amazing little life.


  1. Congratualtions Ella, God has give you an amazing set of parents and surrounded you with a family full of love. I really think you've hit the jackpot because your mommy is one amazing woman and your daddy is pretty cool too!

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    She is so cute. God bless your family as your enjoy getting to know your beautiful gift from God.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Happy Birthday sweet Ella!
    Oh how blessed this world is to have you here.
    Ann how blessed you are to have such an amazing family that is going to teach you about life, love and JESUS!
    Ella always rememeber this.....For you, MANY have prayed!
    God Bless!
    COngratulations Tracy and Jason!
    So happy for you! Shedding happy tears!

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Congratulations! I have been silently following your blog for about a year now and have prayed so many times for this wonderful miracle for you. May God bless your family and your new precious daughter, Ella. You guys are amazing people and have inspired me so much.


  5. Terra Martinez4:11 PM

    she is absolutely besutiful! I am so thankful that God gave her to you and you to her. Congratulations! Shedding ters of joy for your family.

  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    She is absolutely beautiful! She does not even look like a newborn. I guess maybe because this is what a miracle looks like. Congratulations Mommy, Daddy and family. Welcome to the world Ella! So happy for all of you!
    Love, Patty

  7. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Congratulations!! What a joyous end to such an eventful journey. Ella, you are truly heaven-sent. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you as you are raised in the love of your family.
    Praising God with you all tonight.

  8. Congratulations! Ella is beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful miracle you have there! Congratulations Garber family, and welcome to the world Miss Ella!

  10. Anonymous9:24 PM

    So very happy for you What a beautiful miracle you are Miss Ella! I am so happy for you Traci & Jason, what a journey it has been since I firt talked to you Traci as we shared our story of loss with each other, that seems like a million years ago, and since that day I have prayed for the Lord to bless you with a full term pregnancy and a bring home baby.Praise the Lord, all I can say is wow, Melisa

  11. She is beautiful!!

  12. beautiful. just simply beautiful. a little miracle.

  13. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Traci she is just beautiful! What a miracle!!!

  14. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Traci she is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to you and your sweet family. God has blessed ya'll with a miracle!! Enjoy your baby girl!!!

  15. SuzanneinAustralia12:13 PM

    Traci and Jason

    Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful. Ella welcome to this world, what a special family you have

    God bless

    love Suzanne

  16. Anonymous1:51 PM

    congratulations! what a beautiful ending to a hard pregnancy!
    mrs bob (from hp)

  17. Beautiful, beautiful, PERFECT! Praise God!

  18. Anonymous2:46 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS! She is precious!!!!! Praising God for this little miracle girl!!