Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas memories.

On Christmas Eve’s eve we went and checked out some Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve Ella had some studio photos taken with Santa {her first in-studio photos} and Josiah had his 4 year old check-up. I am really unhappy with his current doctor and am praying we can get him on different insurance so he can go to our family doctor. Then we went to church service were Josiah attempted to overpower the rest of the little kiddos and tell his version of the Nativity story {and announce that Mary should have named baby Jesus "Ella" – though another little one offered up “Bob”}, and then Jason’s family came over to give the kids their gifts. Jason made homemade apple crisp, and I thought it was yummy!! Daddy and Jay made Santa snickerdoodles, and then he and I baked Daddy’s favorite cookies.
Christmas day we hung out at home as a family and then later in the day went to my mom’s for dinner. Josiah was super excited that Santa did indeed remember to bring him a bat cave {thanks to the man who went and snuck out the last one from Target’s stock for parents who seriously procrastinated when it came to shopping}. Jason and I didn’t exchange gifts this year ... we had everything we could ever want in the three precious children who awoke in our home Christmas morning.Josiah patently spent a good 20 minutes attempting to wake Drew up. “Brother, Santa came!”. “Brother, you have a present!”. “Brother, mommy says I can’t open anything until you get up.” “BROTHER – GET UP. PLEAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEE”.

Our pastor asked Josiah to re-tell his story at church on Sunday, and below is what transpired. We have a Nativity story we read every night in December, and basically Jay has memorized the book. On Sunday I think he got a bit over excited and took a story detour, but I still think he’s super cute! {Remember, I am camera stupid and hold it sideways. Also, turn down the music player!}

In non-holiday news, I played stupid and thought I could squeeze into pre-pregnancy jeans. Wrong. I went and bought {without trying on} 3 pairs of jeans in different sizes, sure one would fit. Wrong. So, I am still wearing maternity pants. Of which I have 2 good {jean} pairs. What is a mom supposed to do when she has a day like this? Really? I pretty much have nothing that fits over my thighs to change into. The mark of motherhood. ;)

I hope ya’ll had an amazing Christmas!

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