Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Going Home {take three!}.

Let’s pray there are no more takes. Ella was released on Sunday afternoon after it was determined she did not have an infection. One awesome God thing is that right after she was admitted and moved from the ER to our cool peds room, our assigned nurse walked in and we were surprised to see it was our home nurse! It’s comforting to see a familiar face – someone who knows your background and you know cares. She got us all set up nicely!

Josiah ended up with a fever yesterday, and now he is on Tamiflu. Have I mentioned that I CAN NOT wait for us to be all healthy and together?

Today Ella had a follow up ultrasound on her kidneys. She slept through it which is just fine with me; I have seen plenty of painful poking and prodding on our girl! She’s been having weekly dr. appointments, and as much as I loved Dr. T, I must say I am falling just as much in love with her ped. Jason and I decided to have her go to our family practice – and they have been so wonderful and caring. We have really been blessed with extra ordinary medical care! {They are a Christian practice too!}. Can’t wait to get Josiah transferred over there!

We’ve had days of soup, movies and PJ’s. I really want everyone 100% healthy, but I sure do love PJ days!

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