Friday, December 04, 2009

A newborn & the hospital.

Words that shouldn’t go together!

I wish I had been doing a better job at blogging the last several weeks. Really, this blog is for me and I want to remember everything! We’ve had a lot of craziness, from our breaker box blowing up {and being fully replaced – yay!}, to check engine lights, to insurance issues, and, well – you’ve read about the green play dough … to Jason coming down with the flu and being treated for phenomena. {We’ve had flu shots!}. The kids and I retreated to my mom’s house for a week, in order to escape the germy house {and to give the hubs some peace – poor guy couldn’t hold his baby girl and it drove him crazy!}. Um, 2 nights ago {Wednesday, I guess?} we noticed Ella had a temp, and once we realized it was 102 we headed straight to the ER.

Poor girl has had so many tests in her little life {and in utero}! She had CBCs, blood cultures, urine specimens taken, a spinal tap, a tube down her nose and throat, more bili heel pricks, and a nose swab. Originally they suspected another UTI, given her kidney issue and history. Preliminary results are showing that clear, and she has tested positive for Influenza A. {Which to me is ironic, b/c we see people all the time pass their newborns around like a candy dish and go here and there – and then you have us, the exact opposite, and BAM, the flu! Goes to show ya … }

When we arrived we were stuck in an awful peds ER room because there was no room in the NICU {under 30 days should go to the NICU, she was 28}. After hours {like 10} they decided to put us in a PICU room instead … we got a private room w/ bath for Ella and I to stay. And b/c I am breastfeeding, they provide all meals in room.

She is on 3 meds right now, and her doc says she may get to go home tomorrow {on one med}.

At some point last night when I was at like 48 hours of no sleep I was incredibly tempted to call the nurse and beg her to find drugs, any drug for ME! We made it through the night though and my mom came today so I could relax a bit! Jason still must stay away b/c health wise he is not 100%. It is so hard for him, but it’s what is best for her. He has been in to see her each day, masked and sanitized. Poor guy.

The hospital also doesn’t allow children under 16 in at all, and poor Josiah has had the roughest time in the last month. Our room is on bottom floor facing the street. So today, Jason brought him down, so he could look in the room and see me and Ella. So sweet!

Me, I am done! And ready for us all to be home, together, and get into some sort of healthy routine. The boys are setting up for Christmas this weekend at our house. Hard to believe it’s that time!

{And at some point I still have Ella’s birth story to share. It is definitely something I want documented so I can remember it all!}


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    oh Traci, so sorry. I started praying all was well when your Thanksgiving blog stayed up that long, I was hoping you were just busy with a newborn. Take care, and I will pray all is back to normal soon for you and your family. Melisa

  2. You've had quite a ride. I hate that you are going through yet another drama. I'm sure you are beyond ready for something normal. But your little girl has quite a story!!

  3. i am a pediatric nurse and that crib is very familiar. under 28 days with a fever, i know exactly all the test she had to have, including the spinal tab, blood work and urine. poor baby! better safe than sorry though. im surprised they'll let babies back into the NICU. our NICU, once you're discharged from the hospital, you cant go back there.. if you are ICU status, even at 3 days old, if you've stepped out of the hospital at all, off to PICU you go. they dont want to expose the preemies in NICU to "outside" germs. i'm surprised your hospital will do that. a lot of our babies who come in with neonatal fever arent ICU status though, so they come to us on the regular infant/toddler medical floor. it's been so hard for me, working infant peds after losing one! :( it is rewarding though too, and that is why i chose that job for myself in the first place.

  4. They do allow "outsiders", in fact when we were in the NICU a few weeks we had come from home. They do some test on all "outside" babies - forgot what it is called. They prefer to take all 30 days and under, especially NICU grads. We're in a general peds runoff now .... I have a heart for the NICU and nurses, but this is nice too ... {as nice as things can get for a hostpial!}.

  5. praying for you guys to get out of there soon and have an uneventful life after this :-) at least before Christmas. Love that pic of J. looking at you guys from the special was that!

  6. That is the most darling baby! Too precious! I just came over from BlogHer and I'm saying a quick prayer that you will be able to "get out" quick! God has such a plan for that lil' one and you Mommy!

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids

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