Monday, December 14, 2009

A normal weekend?

It’s seems so! Our first “normal” in a long time … though I suppose the word normal is relative!

Saturday we went to my sweet beautiful friend Cara’s baby shower! She’s having a baby boy in a little over a month! So exciting! And so awesome to be preggo at the same time! Her and her husband Brandon had an army themed shower, and it was super cute! And it was very cool to see her mom and dad! Their little boy is on the list of future approved husbands for Ella! ;) We had to leave a bit early, which was a bummer – but we are super excited to meet the little man!

Next we dropped Ella off with my mom and she watched the kids while we went to Jason’s staff Christmas dinner. I had a filet and Jason ordered a Kobe steak – my word! Delicious. Literally melt in your mouth steak, so order it if you ever get the chance! Do we look incredibly tired in our first “date” night photo? We were! Excuse the photo thief in the back –ha!

Today we all went to church – all of us! Finally! My brother came over and he and Jason put up our Christmas lights. I was hoping to go to the Prince of Peace pageant, but we ended up hanging out and getting a little Christmas shopping done. I can’t believe how close it is!

Well, I am off to sleep for as long as the little gal will let me. Which won’t be long. Because she doesn’t sleep at night. Of course – why would she? THAT would be too easy! Ha! LOVE my girl!

{I went to post this about 40 minutes ago, and instead fell asleep with the computer open on my lap!}

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