Saturday, December 05, 2009

One month old!

Ella, you are one month old today!

.Last night you weighed in at 7lbs, 7oz.! Growing girl!

.You’ve spent 13 of your 30 days in the hospital. Let’s pray we can leave soon and you don’t see another hospital for a very long time {like when you enter medical school!}.

.While you think your bassinet is adorably chic, you refuse to sleep in it. You MUST sleep on momma or daddy’s chest in the rocker. This makes for long nights.

. You are sort of getting your hours straight, but it’s kind of hard when nurses are poking at you at 4 in the morning. You spent months kicking mommy like crazy all night long, and now you’re getting in a little bit of sleep!

. You can focus your eyes now. Before when you got your heel pricks you’d just scream. Now, you look directly at mommy and scream. Sorry, baby girl! You will respond to a few voices, and follow mommy or daddy with your eyes. Sometimes.

. You smile a lot, but you refuse to let me catch it on camera. It’s like you know it’s a camera and decide to stop as soon as I bust it out. Unfortunately, your smiles are not dependant on us yet, just content little baby smiles.

. You are barely starting to actually fit into newborn clothes! Yay! For awhile there you were even drowning in preemie clothing, but now we’re noticing you’re starting to fill things out. And you LOVE the bows momma makes you wear; I don’t care what anyone says – ha!

.Your favorite “calm” down position is being on your tummy or straight up, arched back a bit looking at us.

. You hair is light brown and your eyes are blue. I am not sure what color they’ll end up but I am going to be in love with them regardless!

{we're for sure in the hospital for one more night, minimum! Bah!}

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