Friday, December 11, 2009

Rainy Friday.

Today it is rainy and chilly here in so cal ... chilly meaning 50's, which I know is down right warm for some of you out there; but for us it means puffy jackets and scarfs - ha! Today is Jason's day off - so I got to nap! ;)

Ella went on her first shopping trip! She joined my mom and I for some baby shower & christmas party gift shopping. I think we wore her out!

Jay is starting to perk up - hopefully this flu will be outta of our house soon! He's making us reindeer sugar cookies! Add some hot cocoa & a showing of Disney's Prep and Landing & we have a cozy Christmas night.

If you look behind Ella and I in the photo above you'll see our bare tree! Last year on New Years day Rebekah and I scored this awesome tree for $40 at Target! I love how large, beautiful and pre-lit it is! Drew is very dismayed at our FAKE tree, but I caved - it was economical! So, if you're looking for a tree - wait until Target puts the Christmas stuff up for 75% off ... score! I always get my Christmas paper and cards then as well. Anyway, our tree has 2 things on it ... ornaments I bought at the hospital gift shop, sadly. Shows you my life the last few weeks! Decorating, shopping, cards, etc ... have barely started and am not sure I even will get much further! Maybe I shouldn't try; maybe the quietness will remind us of the reason we all celebrate the day! Maybe it's better that way!


  1. We have a bare prelit tree behind us right now too! That's as far as I have gotten with it. Emma just likes the lights. That's worth it to me :)

  2. oh, I forgot to mention, we're watching prep & landing tonight too :)

  3. I vote for just enjoying it and not trying to do too much more. The year J. was born (we were expecting him in Jan, but he snuck out Dec. 22) I got the tree up and whole house decorated before he came, but I was too absorbed in motherhood to bother getting it all put back away. My mom finally helped me pack up the tree when she came to visit us for Mother's Day (yes, May)! So glad to hear everyone is returning to health in your house. {hug}