Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jay and I had a date Friday morning with Mickey and his ice skates. We went to see Disney on Ice & he was thrilled to see he would be sitting by his best buddy.
We had a visit with Jay’s therapist and then rushed to Drew’s first league b-ball game.
I had planned to cook when we got home, but Ella, Jay and I have been fighting a head cold and I was done. Jay was BEYOND done. So, Jason suggested we stop and eat – a corn dog and onion rings sounded good when we were ordering, but I think I still feel greasy, 4 days later.

Saturday was my mom’s birthday – my brother and I cooked dinner and then we went to Parkers Lighthouse for dessert. YUM!
I hear we might have some rain – I am so excited! I keep seeing all of these facebook status’ about snow days and such, and I feel like every day here is pretty much the same weather wise! {No, I am not complaining about so cal weather, just would like it mixed up a bit!}

My posts seem random lately – I plead baby brain. :)

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