Monday, January 04, 2010

Eat better, spend less, exercise more, worry less …


A million things we want to do better, or faster, or longer, or whatever. Personally, I’d like to compete all of the items in the title this year. But if I tried to “resolve” to do it I’d last 2 weeks. Maybe. I take that back, I am drinking a soda as type and it’s 11pm. So, I’ve already failed.

A few years ago Jason

{side note to tell you that since we’ve been up all night with Ella, Jason has discovered Rosanne, the sitcom. He just turned it on, and is flustered because their house has been remodeled and looks completely different then all the previous shows and he’s missed how that happened. This is what happens to life when you don’t sleep.}

So a few years ago Jason and I decided to pick a

{another side note, RANDOM, but this particular Rosanne episode is talking about praying out and in the open, thanking God when things are good – rather than praying only in dark corners when things are bad. How’s that for random?}

Alrighty, SO a few years ago, Jason and I decided to pick a “word” to focus on for the upcoming year. Last year our word was “intentional”. In our parenting, our marriage, our words, our pursuit of Christ. During that time we acquired the habit of rising early to study the bible. I fell in love with tea and creamer {okay, creamer with a tab bit of tea} and read through Breaking Free by Beth Moore - twice, which was nothing sort of life changing. Jason spent the month of February fasting – not eating any meat; he lost a ton of weight and I felt great – and got pregnant, accidentally. Something that doesn’t happen to people with failed infertility treatments on their belt.

We decided on the word “faithful” this year. Seems cliché or broad or a million other things, but we think it’s what we need.

Faithful. With our time. Our finances. We don’t feel we really were last year. Granted things were hectic and crazy. But those are just excuses. And this year we don’t want excuses.

Life has been so unorganized. And I can’t do in between. I am either fully organized or a complete mess. The last few months have seen late payments and keys in freezers and McDonalds and … well, Rosanne. Wasteful things.

It’s time to kick things into gear, to be focused, and tada … faithful! I am so excited about our goals and plans for the year! You’ll probably see more of that in upcoming posts!

For NYE we took the little’s to our timeshare in Indio. We were very low-key, hanging out at the resort, cooking in our room, with one little outing to see some mega lights at the Living Dessert. Josiah stayed up until midnight and we jumped on the beds to celebrate 2010. I am pretty certain it is an event he will remember and will insist on bed jumping next year. We made a few stops on the drive home and overall had a nice, quiet little road trip to kick off the new year.

Well, it has officially taken me 3 hours to write out my first thoughts to you for the year! I apologize if it all sounds rather rambley. Things still move slowly around here, but to be honest, I love it!


  1. I love the way your family does the word of the year! My husband and I just might adopt this! Glad you all had a good New Years Eve!

  2. sounds like a nice way to start the new year! Great pics too. Very sweet!! Happy new year Garbers!!