Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ella, you are two months old!

.3 days ago you weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces! You are filling out and can fit into 0-3months {though they are large!}. People still ask if you were just born when we’re out and are surprised to hear you’re 2 months!

.You LOVE your glowing, musical sea horse that you got for Christmas. It always soothes you.

.You spend a lot of your time awake now, looking around and checking out what’s going on. You hate being snuggled in and would prefer to look outward at the world around you.

.You smile and laugh and coo a ton. You like when mommy calls you her miracle, you have give a big grin. Always makes a rough day better!

.You still won’t sleep in your bassinet. Though you are sleeping better, that sleep is being doing in your bouncer at night, or swing during the day, or propped up on your boppy while mommy works.

.You are still exclusively breastfed {with occasional pumped bottles for daddy}. We’ve had a few hurdles, but I am proud that we’ve trucked through.

.You love bath time, but hate getting out for dry off time.

.You went to see Dr. T a few days ago and he thinks you’re beautiful. He also said no bio-siblings for quite awhile because we’ve wore him out!

.You hair is starting to look a strawberry blondish color, especially in the sun. You eyes are still that dark blue.

.You love your bottom being patted while leaning over a shoulder! I hear your mommy loved that too.

.This last month you’ve had your first Christmas and first trip to Disneyland!

.You are super adorable!


  1. Hey Girl!
    It sounds like our little girls could almost be twins! We're still working out the sleeping thing, and she too has dark blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair! She's 7 weeks today, and is also our little miracle! I've loved traveling these past 9+ months with you! Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us. God is so good! You are truly an inspiration!

  2. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Just checking on you guys, what a beautiful little family. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I love hearing about Ella, my "baby" is 3, and so I miss all the joys of having a newborn, but am so happy that you get to experience it finally, goes by in the blink of an eye, lucky you will have the blog to look back on. Melisa

  3. Oh my gosh - my son has one of those seahorses and it is his best nighttime buddy. It helps him self comfort now that he is a year old. I bought a back up even.

  4. Yes she is SUPER adorable!