Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planning the year. Youth ministry style.

Over the weekend our youth staff met at our timeshare in Indio to plan the year. I enjoyed myself while getting to better know a few of the other leaders.

We did a lot talking about our roles and living authentically, as what we do reflects on the lives of the youth. We also planned most of our year. Thinking about all of the activities makes me exhausted, but I know we’ll have a blast. I also know having this team is an extreme blessing to my hubs and to the youth group as a whole.

Will we sound incredibly old if I tell you that we laughed our behinds off playing Farkle? On a Friday night? Saturday night we made it into town.
Yes, the guys were there also, but my camera didn't really take photos of them. Ha!
At the very extreme last minute we decided to stay an extra night with just our fam {my mom came and we got her a separate room so she could stay with the kids; feeding wise, leaving Ella for that long just isn’t feasible. She’s awesome!}. Josiah is becoming such a good swimmer – I can’t wait to see how well he does this summer!

It poured all day on Friday when we arrived, but we awoke to beauty out our window on Saturday morning! Isn’t God’s creation beautiful!?

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