Saturday, February 06, 2010

hello, it's been a silent bloggy week.

I started this post earlier, but felt like I was writing paragraphs of whiny complaints. I don't want to remember whiny complaints.

But lets be real. Life can be full of muck. Mine can, anyway. I'll summarize my whiny complaints with a list of this weeks muck.

Ortho office drama.
Health insurance junk. Enough to make a lady curse, I tell you.
The IRS and Social Security office. {Apparently Jay's SSN doesn't really belong to him?}
Sickness. Snot. Spit-up. And any other S word that involves more yuck.
I'd love Sudafed. That starts with an S. But I am not sure it's breastmilk friendly. Anyone?

My list of wonderfulness is longer I bet!

Jason cleaned the house today, made me soup for lunch and dinner {tomato, chicken, rice and split pea}, let me lay on the couch in a very lazy manner for hours, and brought drinks on demand. Now he's making my cupcakes for the Superbowl tomorrow.
I did shower, but then promptly put clean jammies on.
My mom brought dinner last night.
I took pics of Miss Ella Ella who cracks me up. I got to watch Lifetime.
And work more on my Executive Homemaker Notebook for our house. Read this article that encouraged me and what I desire to do in my new full time career. Your family: the company to work for.
Oh, just ate a warm cupcake as I watched Jason bring out a clean load to fold.
Caught up on blogs.
Snuggled with my kids.
Rejoiced over the birth of sweet Cara's son, Uriah.
Caught up briefly with a friend.
And on and on. And on.

I am blessed.


I need the Lysol.

And another cupcake.


  1. Send someone to get you some Sudafed!

    We have the opposite problem at our house. Baby girl is sick, and of course there is nothing I can give her for it. :( Praying you are feeling better very soon!

  2. Oh, and I believe the sudafed has to be regular plain sudafed, not Sudafed-D or anything like that.

  3. Yes, regular Sudafed is okay while breastfeeding. It is a lifesaver. Hope you feel better. Miss Ella is getting cuter and cuter!!

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Here's another kellymom page about cold meds

    They say sudafed is fine, but if used too much, it can affect milk supply. So you just want to watch for that. Hope you feel better soon!


  5. Anonymous5:10 AM

    When I was breastfeeding my La Leche League leader said pretty much anything that is over the counter is OK as long as you are following proper dosage. I had the same problem. Also, don't feel bad about not nixing the paci! We had a preemie that was in the NICU for a month, with a paci and once we got going with the nursing she didn't have any trouble even though she had the paci :)