Sunday, February 28, 2010

It took me 3 hours to make her fall asleep and I'll probably wake her up in about 2 minutes while I check to make sure she's still breathing ...

... again ...

but until then ... I'll type quickly!

Our youth grouped w/ Calvery Chapel Anaheim’s youth for a night of Broomball. I only saw blood once.

We played at the rink where Jason and I had our very first kiss. 14 years ago. I mentioned this to a Jr. Higher and was reminded that the kiss happened before she was even born. Oy.

Look who is loving her Bumbo! And her big brother!

Jason and I recently did this to our dining room table. It was a cheap, quick fix for a table I don’t like all that much and a messy child. We didn't scallop the edges though; we stapled the material under for a cleaner look.

We also had a date night at Lucille’s {with a wonderful gift card, thanks Mom & Pop! I got eat their apple butter by the spoonful.} and spent a few hours cleaning out the boys room. I felt accomplished and that’s always good!

I hate chemicals, as you know, but I’ve yet to find a good clean shampoo I love {w.out parabens} … andI read this. Apparently a whole load of people just don’t use shampoo. I don’t think I am brave enough. What do you think?

Whew. Quick recap of my week! ;)

I was just kidding about the post title.

Kind of.


  1. You two are so cute! You're a true love story.

  2. Haha, Emma has the same color of Bumbo & the same pj's. But I think she may have outgrown the pj's.