Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Josiah's countdown to Valentine's Day

I meant to get this posted yesterday, but we had our taxes done and I had a hot date with the hubs last night, so we're a day late ... but here ya go ....

... .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ...

For Valentines day Josiah and I made a "countdown chain". Each day he tears a new ring off and we do the activity for the day!

Here's our list {but don't tell Jay becuase he gets SO excitied at seeing which each new day holds; ha!} :

1. Start memorizing our verse; Psalm 136:26
2. Go to library and get The Story of Valentine’s Day to read
3. Craft time! Create a cookie cutter heart poster!
4. Loving God includes loving others. Read 1 John 4:21. Make a heart mobile of ways we can show our love to others.
5. Make X and O cookies for our neighbors
6. Make heart in the hole breakfast for Daddy
7. Write Ampa a love letter and give it to him at his b-day celebration
8. Work more on memory verse.
9. Make Valentines gifts for family
10. Create treats for my wed. night church friends to thank them for loving me!
11. Heartattack Daddy’s side of the bed!
12. Watch Beauty & the Beast with the family!
13. Eat dinner by candlelight! Read 1 Corthinations 13 before eating.
14. Happy Valentine’s Day!!



  1. me too! Why didn't *I* think of that since Valentines is my most, very best, favorite holiday of the year!!!