Monday, February 15, 2010

The post with so many topics it couldn’t possible have one title.

I have so much to say. Don’t I begin every post that way? My problem is finding the actual time to type things out for you {well, really for me}. I refuse to sit around blogging while the kids are awake. Them napping at the same time during the day is a pure miracle from Jesus, and when that happens I take a moment to thank Him, and by the time I am done one is usually back awake. And when everyone is in bed … well, that’s where I want to be also. I think of plenty of posts while feeding Ella. I don’t like watching TV while feeding her; I like to spend that time with her. Then she falls asleep on me and I spend the rest of the time sitting there wording posts {in fact, I worded this during her last feeding}. And now you know I am an official dork and you’re not sure you want to continue reading.

That’s alright. I am not sure I want to keep typing.

So anyway, I occasionally use her feeding/sleepy time to respond/check emails. One handed. It’s no easy task, friends. And there’s no way blogging could be involved. So I apologize for my lack o’ posting.

And believe it or not this particular post does have an actual point! Several actually!

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We celebrated Rogers birthday on superbowl Sunday. My mom made lots of pizza’s and finger foods and I drank lots of soda. It was a huge health fest for sure- ha! I made Ella this shirt:

{We call grandpa “Ampa” because when Josiah first came to live with us he couldn’t say the GR part, and it stuck.} I also made Ella a “Saints” colored bow so she could represent! {Bow making is my new favorite thing!}

Roger celebrated his 70th and these kiddos are in love with him!

I made {or tried to make} superbowl cupcakes.

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Travis also had a birthday! We went to Sambi’s and were joined by his bestfriend/ practically brother who is in the military & was in town for a few days. And while I’ve determined restaurants and my children do not mix it was incredibly nice to go out to celebrate my little brother!

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Drew’s basketball team finished as league champs! Yay Condors!! Now that season is over I am not sure what we're going to do with our Friday nights ... nothing beats watching the boy rock it on the court!

And I am out of time!

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