Saturday, February 13, 2010

Share the LOVE!

I have a billon things to tell you about, but no time. Okay, I have the time, but frankly I am finding sleep more vital at the moment.

HOWEVER, I DO HAVE QUICK BREAKING NEWSI think Valentine ’s Day is uber {spell check is telling me this is not a word. Isn’t it? Or am I spelling it way wrong?} important.

I know, I know ... Hallmark created the day to steal your money and Conroy’s wants you to buy a 479 dollar rose. Don’t do it, friends.

But do SOMETHING! Here’s why …

Do you tell your spouse or children you love them often enough? Do you show them?

Probably not.

Thus a day devoted to love. Do it NOW! Don’t boycott the day. Hallmark doesn’t care and will make a ton of money anyway while your family misses out. Show your love!

I know it’s like a day away and you have no money! Be creative. Think outside the box. Make cards, write letters, cut out paper hearts. Whatever. Just do it.

And if you absolutely can’t think of anything at all then steal this AMAZING and adorable FREE idea.

You will bless your family. Your husband needs to hear how much you love him.

Really, he does.

I rambled through that very quickly. I hope you got my point!

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