Friday, March 05, 2010

Ella, you are 4 months old!

You can still only roll over in one direction. And roll back.

Sadly, the television greatly intrigues you, although you are not allowed to watch it! {Okay, you’ve seen a few Sesame Streets with your brother. Sometimes mommy just needs quiet}.

I love your personality right now! You “talk” and laugh so much! You flirt with mommy a ton while feeding, which makes feeding harder, but it’s so fun and I wouldn’t change it! You love listening to your big little brother {Josiah}. Daddy can make you laugh SO hard.

You hold your head up well and I think you’ll be sitting on your own very soon! You also like to “stand” on your legs with someone holding you up.

During tummy time you always try to get up and go. You get your legs working so well that you end up in a yoga {downward dog} pose rather than on your tummy.

You love playing games, like squishy stretch and criss-cross apple sauce. You especially love rockin and rollin! Sometimes you let mommy do her workout with you {Parent’s mommy and me workout}; sometimes it just makes you mad.

You reach and grab for things a lot. You can spend lots of time on your play mat.

You really love your monkey attached to your car seat. Out of all the “girly” toys, you just simply want the monkey!

You like to look in a mirror and think it’s funny when the baby in the mirror smiles. ;)

You just got a excosaucer thingy from your great-grandpa and you like all the toys, but sitting in it scares you!

You like your Bumbo seat, but only for a little bit at a time.

You still aren’t found of your car seat.

You weigh 12.5 pounds and are 25 inches long! Wa-hoo! You now are in the 35% instead of the 4th! Geesh!

You chew on everything you can get into your mouth.

You are still wearing 0-3 months clothing. We have some 3-6 months, but they are still pretty big on you! The pants fit okay, but not at all if you’re wearing a disposable diaper.

You stick your tongue out a lot! Ha!

You’re becoming such a big girl!

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  1. She sounds like Brennan. But I guess Brennan was almost 2 months early, so he's really more like a four month old than a six month old.

    She's gorgeous and wonderful. Thank you for sharing her with us. <3