Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kiddo update

I’ve been having some blogger issues on top of laptop issues, so you should see several posts pop up today!

Ella girl is sick-o! Again! Currently I am waiting for her nurse to call me with x-ray orders so I can get her lungs checked out pronto! She has no voice and while it’s incredibly sad when she tries to cry, it’s also a bit cute. I’ve spent many nights sleeping while sitting on the couch to keep Ella in an upright position {remember, she hates her car seat!}. I’ve spent the last ½ hour staring at the crumbs that need to be swept, but have decided to not move and snuggle my girl. The more sleep, the less coughing – so here we sit. Remember how she was denied medical insurance, mainly b/c she is on Zantac for baby reflux? Well, her doctor is using her as “example patient” for a conference and Senate situation regarding insurance companies. I must say I hope she’s not promoting full fledge Obamacare, but I do think things need to change {obviously!}. Anyway, I thought that was kinda cool. I love how our doctors care. If you live near us and ever need a new doc, I will refer you! She also has an appointment for a consult with a Nuero-Surgeon {I laugh at that because with that on her MO, she’d NEVER get insurance now!}. The details of that I will share later!

Josiah has been downgraded to only needing speech therapy once a week! Yay! We met with his teacher and the school counselor and they are super impressed with how far he’s come in the last year. He is such a bright child. We also talked about what to do with him next year. I honestly am not sure if he will be able to handle a regular class room. Because Jay turns 5 in October their recommendation was to hold him back a year. On a scholastic level I think he is there, but on an emotional/social level he is not. This is where I teeter: 1) He needs to be challenged and if he is held back and then placed in public school he will become frustrated and that will lead to further behavioral issues. Or 2) We put him in public school now and a few years down the road he comes to place where his emotional/social self is NOT ready … then what? Oy. He does a lot of learning at home. Though I will tell you homeschooling is easier without a baby. He loves to learn. He loves crafts. He loves books. And I love sharing all of that with him. But with his behavior issues I am not sure what is best for him long term. Right now I am enrolling him in Kinder and in a Kinder readiness program. I can revoke that enrollment at any time and that gives us a few more months to consider/pray/discuss the best path for our little boy. Geesh!

Josiah is also possibly going into a program at a local college for children with neurological disorders. I am interested/excited to see what this does for him and what benefits he will reap {assuming he is accepted}. We’re waiting to see if he was approved for the grant.

The big boy is doing great, maintaining a 3 + GPA. Can you believe his Freshmen year is almost over? By golly! {Who says by golly anymore!? Ha!}. I got myself a really sweet text from him this morning and it makes me a bit prideful to think we have such an awesome teen. It’s hard to trust for the things that go on outside of our home {thank you Jesus for taking those things in Your hands!}, but I am soooo grateful for the man I see emerging and the tenderness I see inside of our home.

Life seems surrounded by drama as I type it out, but really the days bring simple pleasures and I hope I can take in a little bit of each child at their current age and hold on it. Priceless moments!


  1. Many prayers for Ella. I'm not sure how I feel about Obamacare, but as a healthcare professional, I'm frustrated that more of our citizens (hardworking families) don't have proper health coverage. I know of a woman who died a few years back from a bladder infection. She didn't have insurance and didn't think she could afford a doctor. She went septic and died. No heardworking American should die from a simple UTI. Sorry, I'll get off the soapbox, I promise. ;-)

    As for homeschooling, it is easier without a baby, but you can work around that if you need to. At this age it's really all about learning basics, and tons of reading. I have some resources if you need them. In the meantime I'll pray that God will give your hearts some guidance. This parenting thing is way harder than our parents made it look.

  2. Yay for dropping to 1 day a week speech!! I remember when we got there - it just seemed so much more manageable having to be there just 1x/week! As far as the other stuff goes, sorry - I'm no help. I do know that we are choosing to hold Ella back from Kindergarten next year...because of the same reasons - and I just look back at my schooling and I know I would have benefited socially by being held back. So for what it's worth - there's my story. :-)

    Happy 4 month Ella! I hope you all get to feeling better :-)