Monday, April 05, 2010

Ella, you are five months old! {oh my gosh, where is the time going?}

You constantly either have something IN your mouth or you have your tongue sticking OUT of your mouth.

You had your last night in your bassinet, and your first night in your crib. You’re not really liking it. You spend about half the night in the crib and the other half in our bed.

You had your first food … rice cereal. We haven’t tried giving it to you again since that night, but it’s very obvious you are ready for food. You try to steal ours and watch forks intently.

You also had your first formula {IKE! I know!}. Momma got a stomach bug and I did my best to feed you, but I got dehydrated, which meant there wasn’t much coming out and you were starving, so Daddy made you a bottle of formula. Sorry. :(

You grab at everything, including my hair.

You love your walker-thingy. You have mastered standing in it and the toys amaze you!

You had your first park adventure. You’ve been to the park a billion times, but you were finally able to take part in the playground. Not sure you really cared though.

You still hate tummy time and car rides.

You saw a neurosurgeon because our doctor was concerned about Craniostatis. The neurosurgeon, however, said the ridges on your head are a cosmic issue only – neurologically you are progressing well. He did, however, diagnose you with minor positional plagiocephaly. We are supposed to prop your left side up while you sleep, but you move around so much and it’s not really working. We go visit him again in a month.

You love your bows. And they can never be too big. So THERE! :-P

If you are having a fit, one thing that will instantly calm you is to turn the water facet on.

You’ve endured 2 earthquakes this month. Both times you were feeding. Mommy hates them.

You are definitely starting to have attachment issues. As long as you can SEE mommy or daddy you are usually okay.

You love riding in your JellyBean or Bjorn during the day and helping mama with chores. You coo and ohh as I explain what we are doing.

You show a great interest in books. Well, you love listening to us read to you, so I hope that means you will have a great interest in books!

You are so big! I can’t believe it!

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Wow, 5 months, time flies! She is a doll baby.