Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Holy Week – the best laid plans.

We had the stomach flu. And threw up. A. WHOLE. MESSIN. LOT.

So my schedule went out the door.

We did a few of the activities. Particularly the scripture based ones. It’s super important to us that Josiah understand what Easter really is.

On Palm Sunday, he played Jesus and rode on the “donkey” during our churches Palm Sunday parade. He was adament that no one actually called him Jesus and instead referred to him as “Jay Jay on the donkey”. If you asked him why … “Jesus was crucified on the cross. And I don’t want that! I am Jay Jay!”. Makes sense to me, Jay Jay on the donkey!

I made the two littles these Easter shirts and I made Ella a burp cloth out of the same green egg material. I tried to make Drew one as well {a shirt, that is}, but apparently he wasn’t down with walking around with a big D on this shirt. ;)

Hope ya’ll enjoyed your Easter!

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