Thursday, April 29, 2010

Las Vegas.

Drew had a tourney in Vegas, and we tittered back and forth on going for awhile. Then we discovered our timeshare’s Vegas property was marked inventory special {which translates to: dirt cheap}, so we booked a room for Wed-Sat. {Jason wasn’t able to miss church on Sun}. Turns out Drew’s games weren’t till late Saturday night, one of which we completely missed because we were lost in Vegas la-la land and spent that time driving around like dummies.

So, I am not sure if any of that made sense, but long story short: we went to Vegas for b-ball, but were there for 4 days and only saw one game. Ended up just hanging out with the kiddos! Got on the freeway at 10pm Saturday night, got home at 2am! It was exhausting!
Jay loved the M&M factory! I was amazed we walked out there spending zero dollars! ;)
Josiah is not allowed to drink soda. We walked through the Coca-Cola factory, riding up and down on the big Coke glass bottle elevator before deciding to allow him to have his very first soda. We purchased the old fashion glass bottles and sat down with our drinks. He drank about 1/4 of it, but insisted on keeping the bottle. On the drive home we stopped to get drinks, and Jay ordered "a coke, please". I had to explain that his soda drinking was a one time special event! {And for the record, Ella is obviously pretending!}
We got a Joovy sit and stand for the kids. We do a lot of walking activities and Jay was still using the stroller quite a bit, so we thought this would be best. This is the first time Ella sat in it like a big girl, rather than us clicking the car seat in. She loved it!

We sat around and waited for the 7pm volcano show to go off in front of the Mirage. At one point a huge flame blows out and Josiah got freaked. Jason says he looked like a little cartoon character, his feet a'going! He turned around and tried to run. Jason caught him before he got far, but it gave all of the people behind us a nice laugh. When we asked him where exactly he was running to, his response was "the timeshare!"

I love that they love each other!

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